microfiber towel features

· Compared to cotton, microfiber is quick drying, super absorbent and lightweight. There is a growing variety of microfiber towel in the market and their characteristics may be different.

·  There are three major consideration when it comes to the characteristics and cost of the microfiber towel. They are, its composition, fabric type and weight.

· Microfibers are technically fibers has diameter in the tenth to hundredth of millimeters. Any material that can be stretched to that small diameter can be called microfibers.

· For microfiber towel, the most commonly used materials are polyester and polyamide (Nylon). Polyester weigh less than polyamide, is less absorbent and have a more synthetic touch to it. However, polyamide dries slower than polyester as it has a greater water retention characteristic.

· For towel, the microfibers used are usually made out of 100% polyester or a mixture of polyamide and polyester. The table below gives a summary of their characteristic


Polyamide (Nylon)

Light weight


Synthetic touch

Soft touch

Poor water absorption

Good water absorption

Dry quickly

Dry slower

Wipes easily on skin

Tends to "stick" to skin

Less expensive

More expensive

· Compared to cotton or equivalent weight, microfiber terry cloth generally dries faster.

· The weight of the towel will affect its performance. In general, a heavier towel will absorb more water than a lighter towel.

· the touch of a heavier towel has a more luxurious feel than a lighter towel on top of its better water absorbency.